Vietnam and His Great History

Vietnam is a country that located in border with China on the north side, and Laos and Cambodia on the north side. It also shares border in maritim line with Thailand. It has long coastline on the east side. Before 1976, Vietnam was split into 2 parts : north and south. The North Vietnam was supported by Communist allies (Uni Soviet and China). Meanwhile, the South Vietnam was supported by US alliance. The war ends in 1975, and in 1976 both Vietnam were merged into Social Republic Vietnam.

Vietnam is a land where a lot of invaders take a stop during WW II. That’s why a lot historical building left in Vietnam become a unique heritage. It becomes historical journey for tourism. Beside historical building, this tropical country also offering non-stop crowd that never fail to make tourists, even locals keep hyped day and night.

Saigon : Part of Ho Chi Minh City that Never Sleep

Never let the sun stop the crowd
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Saigon’s lively urban public space and streetscape offers a unique city life experience from dusk to dusk again. From the chaos of morning street market to the thrill of its nightlife scene.

L’angfarm Buffet : One Stop Culinary Tour

Enjoying the original vietnamese feast
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Ho Chi Minh City that located in the southeastern of Vietnam, become  the largest commercial city there. Located in the core of Mekong Delta, that formerly known of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh is the main attractrion for tourist to go there.

Many private enterprise take advantage from this lively city to sell something profitable. The largest number is food business. With the abundant of natural resources, Ho Chi Minh is trying to promote through many kind of place that offering the peculiarities of their resources, start from the shop, restaurant, until the central market.

L’angfarm buffet become the proof that Vietnam has a lot of resources that can be processed into beneficial things. Have an adressed at Tran Hung Dao Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam, we can found many things, start from raw processed food until ready to be eaten, from vegetable extraction until meat, that is avaliable in L’angfarm.

At first floor we will find processed foods and some merchandise with unique package that we can bring home,. When we enter the second floor, we would unnerved because the floor is become the cookhouse, that we can look our food is served on fresh made.

L’angfarm has corn on the cob, dried snacks as in potatoes snacks and many dried fruits, lollies (sweets), a variety of teas (herbal infused), coffee and variety of gelato ice cream. L’angfarm would be nice recommendation for you all who want to taste Vietnam products, so don’t miss out!

Precious Heritage Of Old Saigon

One stop for historical tour
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In recent years, Ho Chi Minh City has experienced rapid economic growth, which, while beneficial to the lives of many, has impacted heavily on the city’s built heritage. Over the last five years in particular, the destruction of historic structures has reached an alarming rate — hardly a day now passes without a valuable old villa, apartment block or public building being razed to the ground.

At present, Ho Chi Minh City is just a one- or two-night stopover for most visitors who learn very little about its amazing history and heritage. The majority of “city tours” visit only a very small number of attractions: the Post Office (still all too often introduced erroneously as a work by Gustave Eiffel), the Cathedral, the Independence Palace, Ben Thanh Market and the War Remnants Museum. Little attempt is currently made to promote the city’s many other historic areas.

The most iconic one is the Central Post Office. Completed in 1891 by Gustave Eiffel, who had just two years earlier erected the world’s tallest structure, the Eiffel Tower and thus cemented his name in history. The vaulted roof of the interior resembles a 19th century railway station ~ all round it’s a gorgeous building.

Artful Landscape and Architecture

Artful Landscape and Architecture In Academic Environment
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University of Economics and Law (UEL) is a university in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is a higher education institution as well as scientific research and technology transfer center with high quality in the fields of economics, law and management in response to the demands of socio-economic development in the process of industrialization, modernization and global integration in Vietnam.

Estabilished in 2000, UEL consist of two main building; old building and new building. In old building, the main material used for its facade is glasses. The use of glass in the exterior facades provided more of light and good ambience to the occupant of the building. However, Glass facades cause a lot of glare which is a major disadvantage of glass. Its also absorbs heat. This means that it can act has a greenhouse and hence not suitable for countries with hot climate.

The condition of construction site indicates some advantages, for example by the using of transparent material it gives no limitation of view to outside, there also a wide area for gardens and landscape on the site. In the new building, it has a corridor at the back side that is right facing the wide landscape. This wide open space owns a calm and relaxing that brings interesting feelings for the users to just having conversation or studying.

The landscape not only as an open space and self-studying zone for the students but also improves microclimatic condition for the building and emphasizes the friendly communication characteristic in an educational environment.

Various Transportation of Vietnam

Take a look to the daily transportation of Vietnamese
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Vietnam became one of the unique countries that we visited. On a visit to Vietnam, Vietnam offers a view that is not much different from Indonesia. Vietnam’s motorcycle users is more than public transport and pedestrians. Relatively same air temperature and the rush of motorized vehicles make Vietnam very familiar with Indonesian experience.

Ho Chi Min City Airport is the first place to welcome us from Malaysia. With architecture that exposes the roof truss structure. The journey continues by bus from the Economic of Law Vietnam University. Represented by Jolie, the girl with a cheerful face picked us up.

The interesting thing during the trip, is that Vietnam is a place that presents an atmosphere that is familiar with Indonesia, the difference is the location of the vehicle that runs on the right. Vietnam with its pedicab as a pedestrian-friendly public vehicle, a pedicab in Vietnam called Cyclo, the shape is more slender than we usually see in Indonesia for the footrest is also longer. For the price of a rickshaw to be a cheap choice and quite easy to find.

In addition to land transportation, water transportation is also an alternative transportation that is often found by residents. Vietnam is a country with many rivers. We visited the Mekong Delta using a boat. With its stilted villages and scenic farms, the Mekong Delta offers enough to see that it’s difficult to see the highlights on a day trip from Ho Chi Minh.

The Mekong Delta trip was so adorable, with vessels loading for more than 15 people, we were exploring the borders of the Mekong River. A houseboat is a very long, narrow boat that floats right on the surface of the water. The driver sits up in the front while the engine is on the back. Bench seating from vehicles is attached to the boat, with seating for four centered around a small, wooden table.

This unique Trip becomes beautiful when moving to a smaller Getek ship, available for 5 people with 1 one that is rowing. This ship took us around the small river that Salak plant was covered us.

Vietnam is an attractive country with the presence of this water vehicle, the tourist attraction offered by the Houseboat and festival makes the Mekong River very memorable. Unfortunately, the water is less brown, creates an uncomfortable view because it feels dirty.

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