Singapore : Little Giant of ASEAN

Singapore is the smallest country across the ASEAN. But, it could also known as the most developed country in ASEAN. Located in the strategic bay of world trading access, Singapore became a country that really grown in economical aspect. It was proven during the World War II era when Singapore has become contested place among a lot of country due to its strategic place for trading. The high growth of economy encourage Singapore to developing their country more rapidly.

The country development could be seen in the transportation aspects, social aspects, heritage aspects, education aspects, even in its economical aspects and a lot of more. All was developed in balance causing the increasement of life’s quality for the people of Singapore. Beside creating nice environment for the locals, the development also inviting for the tourist. Singapore do their best to make use of what they have and always break their own limit that could makes people from outside always feel amazed.

Singapore with Its Iconic Commercial Venues

Bringing the experience to another level
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One of the things that Singapore does not have is natural resources. It has few natural resources. However, they take full advantage of those few that they have in human resources. By those, they are creating their own man-made natural marvel attraction, building their reputation as a “city in garden”.

Different concepts of each commercial stretched from cyclist can enter and bring the bikes in Funan, a techno-garden theme park with huge artificial supertree that amusingly mimics the life of a real tree and man-made mountain inside a climate-controlled biodome in Garden by the Bay, and a 40-meter high rain vortex or we called "grojogan" that inspired by rain in tropical country in Jewel. All of those stunning visuals and concepts are built to attract people to feel as they stepped into sci-fi movies.

Although how modern and tech-savvy the commercial places are in Singapore, still there are places for traditional markets and street vendors with their goods laid out on the sidewalk. In our visit at Kampong Glam which is one of the oldest settlement  near Sultan Mosque, on the side street there is numerous street vendors that offers variety of stuff ranged from eateries, souvenir, dresses, persian carpet, and even handmade arabian perfume.

This combination of modern and traditional commercial which create vast amount of type that can enjoy for all  what make Singapore truly comes alive.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Oriental oldies feature in the middle of modern-multicultural city
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Built in 2007

Located in the historic district of Chinatown
The temple gets its name from what the Buddhists regard as the left canine tooth of Buddha, which has been recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India and displayed on the temple’s grounds.

A Glimpse of Singapore's Common Spaces

Filling voids with well-designed urban area
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Clean, tidy, and organized. These are the trend that can be seen on most of Singapore’s streetscape. The urban landscape of Singapore is filled with pedestrian walkways, public parks, and plazas. The abundance of wide sidewalks combined with the accessibility of public transport make Singapore one of the most walkable city in the world.

Asia’s Best Global University

Think Deeply. Learn Boundlessly.
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Known as a country which has high discipline, the campus in Singapore not only requires students to have academic knowledge, but several campuses also have used learning mediation through architecture. Take an example of NUS (National University of Singapore), NUS is one of the campus with extensive architectural development. Starting from the campus itself, housing, public space, commercial and others.

As we can see in the U town. How they designed a whole complex of daily facilities for students such as dorm, gym, commercial area (canteen and shops), library, extracurricular hall, with the spatial multifunctional public space in a variety of building mass and different architectural style.

We can see the plot of the difference in building mass shows the expression of the place itself, like a dormitory building that is rigidly integrated with the curve shape of the hall building. Public space surrounding by a view of architecture gives sense of comfort to students. So not only learn, they can also interact with others or relax themselves outside.

One example is SD4 Campus as part of NUS Campus. The interesting about this campus is that the building designed with sustainability and green building concepts which people can also know the information about it through application in smartphone or website created by SD4. Introduce to students how to play a role in sustainability.

The experience of space, circulation, facilities or equipment uses and others is provides education to the user to reduce the resources used that can damage to environment. Starting from the building façade, drainage systems, structures, integration of infrastructure and interiors apply sustainability concept and not reduce the main function of the building as a campus. The explanation of the green building criteria is shown directly with the board so people who see it can learn about the green building.

Among The World’s Leading Transport System

Talking the most powerful public transport in ASEAN
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Singapore is a country with a high level of visitors. With an area of ​​only around 720 square km. The people there clearly need transportation that can be integrated throughout the country, so that it can facilitate the circulation of activities of residents and visitors. Public transport becomes a significant need for its population, that need will always increase with the increase in community and visitors.

There are several types of transportation used by the people of Singapore. One of the mainstays is the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport), mass transportation with a high level of effectiveness. Moreover, it can save travel time. This MRT is also very popular among tourists / Visitors. By using the EZ Link card, visitors can already visit the entire mainland of Singapore. This MRT also integrated with other transportation such as busways. The busway has more complex area coverage than MRT, and it can reach up to the campus area.

About the architectural aspect related to transportation. It is similar to public transport in general, MRT is built underground and also overlapping above the road. One thing that most proud of Singapore transportation is, the MRT flyover line is not as much as the other country in South East Asia, so it does not interfere with the view of the city. Rather than to putting the MRT line overlapping with the road, Singapore prefers to put it far below the ground with a lot of different levels.

Architectural design for the MRT station it is similar to an ordinary MRT station. Building design adapted based on the functions needed. Some are designed with many floors because it will be used as a transit station. There is also some station designed with a high ceiling because it was adjusting the context to the airport. Despite the detailed display, each station has a different design. But in general, it still uses the concept of the form follow function.

Then, what about its air transportation? Changi Airport in Singapore is one of the most luxurious airports in the world. With its Jewel, which appears very iconic in the Airport Area. Even the Jewel itself has become a significant destination for every visitor.

The Jewel built in the airport also integrated with other public transport. The wholeness of the architecture is following the movement of water as the soul of the building. It also impressed by the imagination of a world full of vegetation around it. As it creates a fantasy to take nostalgia at a time when the earth was still a whole of trees and plants. The dome shape of the building gives an advantage to the attraction of the giant waterfall in the center. It provides an opportunity for everyone to be able to see attractions from any angle, but with a different experience from one another. It was fun to see the attractions inside the airport. Isn't it?

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